System of Outdoor Advertising LED Display – AD Series

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outdoor system


Solution Instruction:

  1. Outdoor durable DIP lamp with high brightness from 7000-10000 nits to match different working condition;
  2. Power saving IC driver and special design PCB ,lower current power supply to save your energy more than 30%;
  3. Selected small tolerance wavelength led lamp and strict use good contract mask to bring a super shinning display, make the picture more realistic;
  4. Anti-Oxidation module frame with anti-UV material to protect high temperature ultraviolet radiation and salty area;
  5. With waterproof gasket around the cabinet door ,bring a super water and dusty protection;
  6. Working life-span with 100000 hours ,help customers earn more profits;
  7. Synchronous and asynchronous are optional;
  8. The advertising contents can be changed at any time for different customers and various advertisements;
  9. With dual hot spare function, two computers can control one screen, and when one computer has problem, the other computer can replace automatically to ensure the normal work;