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Stable All-in-One Design

  • Super durable design
  • High grade protection with tempered glass
  • Hot backup system
  • Double backup power supply
  • Remote control and monitoring system
  • Centralized cluster network and remote control system to monitor and manage the status of LED screen
  • Embedded with video monitor and ammeter
  • Access for WiFi / 3G wireless and wired network
  • 4.1 sound track output

New Visual Experience

  • 68″/122″ / 103″ new visual impact experience for high-end advertising
  • Unprecedented 1:2.5 aspect ratio with luxurious appearance
  • Fresh and true color display effect
  • High definition of total 369,000 pixels
  • 140 degree wide viewing angle, no color shift
  • 1920 Hz high refresh rate, no flickering
  • 35.1 trillion colors reproducing natural color


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